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Summer wine

It’s so funny how sitting in a plane reminds me of writing my blogs in the past. So I can’t resist... 
What a summer start! It’s been so hot and beautiful in Finland the last weeks and I don’t remember it being this nice already at the beginning of June. Usually the sea water is somewhere around 15 degrees this time of the year, but the water temperature is over 23 already in then warm bays. Helsinki, the new Mallorca... As there’s still not much going on with festivals and other activities, mother nature is really taking good care of us. I can’t complain if my daily routines start with a motorcycle, a bit of martial arts, then a refreshing swim in warm sea water. It’s not too hard to wake up with a smile on.
The whole pandemic thing seems to be getting better in Finland and everywhere and restaurants, clubs, events and stuff are opening slowly but steadily. Finland wasn’t hit too bad compared to many other countries and our lockdowns were relatively short, but damn it feels great having a glass of rosé wine after a nice dinner on a terrace. In a warm summer night. 
I haven’t done much after Christmas. And that was exactly what I needed. I have released my second song in Finnish (thank you for all the mega sweet messages <3) and one rosé wine, but mostly I have been just breathing the world around me. My calendar looks pretty empty for the rest of the year and honestly I have nothing against that. Last year and also the years before were quite a ride and I’m really happy I’m not running towards something new like I’ve always been. And I still have a massive tour ahead with the Sunrise Avenue family so the new things can wait. It’s a shame the tour was postponed but a little part of me is also happy that there’s been lots of time to digest everything that happened since the beginning. It could be that when we get to  play our final chords someday with the boys, we’ll appreciate it all even more. I have a feeling I will. And this extra time with Sunrise also gives me more time to think what I want to do next in my life. It’s funny how when your dreams come true, it seems to take some time to realize what you want next. Besides music in Finnish, I still don’t have a clear picture. Answers will come if I let them, I know. 
It’s still unclear if the Sunrise farewell tour will happen in October-November or if it all will go to summer 2022, but as soon as there’s new information, we’ll let you know. One part of me likes the idea of playing all the shows in the summer next year. It would be cool to do the tour as one trip and also next year the world MUST be fully back to normal. My dream is a final night in each city where nobody would have to worry about someone jumping too close to them at the arena or the field. Or nobody would have to wear a mask. It’s not the end of the world, but it does kill the vibe a bit. 
Today I’m flying to Munich for some business stuff. I’m meeting the book publishers at Riva publishing and also I’ll make one commercial shoot to be released soon. And some other meetings. And some football. I’m so proud of my Finnish boys for making it to the Euro tournament for the first time ever. Did you know that my dear friend Niila’s brother Paulus Arajuuri is the badass in front of Finland’s goal killing the scoring attempts. The first game against Denmark was quite shocking but luckily it seems their great star is ok too after the scary events. Tonight Germany are playing against France, the world champions, and I don’t have to tell you who I will be supporting.
We’re landing now, so I’m sending you all lots of strength with the (hopefully) last steps of this strange time. It actually felt nice writing these little lines. I guess I missed it a bit.
Big big hugs <3